Peening Techniques is dedicated to the Peening process, offering -

• Shot Peening accessories - Almen strips, Almen Gage, MagnaValve & Controller
• Rotary Flap Peening kit
• Ultrasonic Shot Peening & Impact Surface Treatment
• Consultancy

Peening Techniques is distributor of Electronics Inc., USA, experts in Almen strips since 1987 and manufacturer of MagnaValve for Shot Peening control

 Almen strips – A, N & C strips certified to SAE, AMS & MIL specifications
 Almen Gage – Digital & Analog, meeting SAE J442, AMS2430 & AMS2432
 Almen Gage for mini-strips
 Almen strip Holder
 MagnaValve for controlling flow rate of abrasive media in Wheel & Air Blast machines
 MagnaValve for Non-Ferrous media
 Flap Peening Kit

Peening Techniques distributes products of -

ShockForm Aeronautique Inc., Canada - Rotary Flapper Peening kit, InspectView 20/20

Sonats SA, France - Ultrasonic Impact Surface Treatment

Toyo Seiko, Japan - Coverage Checker