SONATS SA – Innovative impact surface treatment solutions

Sonats SA – 2 rue de la Fonderie, BP 40538, 44475 Carquefou Cedex, France


Ultrasonic equipment from SONATS offers High Process Control for -

 Shot Peening
 Impact Treatment
 Needle Straightening

Applications –

 Aerospace
 Power Generation
 Naval
 Mining and Oil & Gas
 Rail - Rail bogiess
 Infrastructure - Steel Bridges, Structure
 Automotive
 Medical

Ultrasonic Needle Peening for Fatigue life Improvement –


 Improved fatigue life of welded components – can increase life up to 10 times or more
 Increased resistance to Stress Corrosion Cracking
 Portable equipment for preventive treatment or maintenance

StressVoyager Handheld equipment


 Handheld, compact and light
 Low vibration
 Low energy and compressed air requirement
 Real time control of parameters

Ultrasonic Needle Straightening

 Better straightening and forming capacity
 Better control , no risk of damaging your parts
 No need for masking and bagging
 Optimal treatment of difficult to access areas

Robotised Surface Impact Treatment

Proven Applications

Aeroengines and Turbochargers

New Parts: Blades (roots and airfoils); Blisks (IBR), Fans, Impellers; Compressor Wheels, Turbo Wheels; Bearings, Shafts, rotors; Disks (bores, sides, dovetails)
MRO: Blisks (IBR); Casing (welded areas); Disks, Fans (in-sit without disassembly)

Ground Turbines

New Parts: Blades (roots and airfoils); Shafts; Bearings; Rotor wheel (bores, sides, fin tree groove); Gears
MRO: Welded components; Disks dovetails (in-situ without disassembly); Rotor wheel

In-situ local Shot Peening

Ultrasonic Shot Peening uses the acceleration of a surface vibrating at 20 KHz to impart kinetic energy to the media.
Shot media are enclosed during the process within a hermetic chamber. Only few grams of highest quality media are required.


 Portable equipment for in-situ use with no or limited disassembly
 High surface quality – better than conventional shot peening
 Economical and Efficient
 Clean and Green

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